Eye Luxury Celebrities - Alex Rivière

Eye Luxury Celebrities - Alex Rivière

Spanish media outlets are talking about Alex Rivière as the woman that has surpassed in elegance to the Spanish Queen, Leticia. She is considered one of the most influential women in Spanish fashion, but, who is she?

Alex Rivière is a 34-year-old entrepreneur and businesswoman born in Catalonia, Spain. She is a stylist that has made her space in the fashion world, on Instagram she has 1.1M of followers that follow her to be inspired by her style and lifestyle, even other stylists. She has her own fashion firm, where she sells clothing, accessories and, even, has her own swimwear collection. 

 To get to where she is today, she had to study a career in Business and Fashion Marketing and Communication. She worked in a firm in where she was asked to model for one campaign, that’s when and where she started gaining recognize; slowly after that, she did collaborations with brands on Instagram and created her own personal brand, that brought her to where she is today. 

 In 2022, she visited our Eye Luxury store in Barcelona, and our specialist sourced her this hard-to-find Hermès Mini Evelyne. It was her elegance and charisma that made us fall in love with her and her personal brand. 

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