The Moschino brand was founded in 1983 in Milan by Franco Moschino, who gave his name to the Italian brand that immediately became popular for its innovative, colorful and rather eccentric designs.

MOSCHINO bags are elegant, stylish and iconic. Made with high end details, fine finishes and work with the best materials such as calf leather and nappa lamb leather.

We have brand new MOSCHINO bags and pre-owned MOSCHINO bags for sale made with premium materials and leathers. They are available on our site in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, and models such as the MOSCHINO biker Bag, MOSCHINO Baroque Bag, MOSCHINO Maison Faucet Bag, MOSCHINO Biker Heart Bag, MOSCHINO Flintstone Bag,  MOSCHINO lettering logo backpack Bag, and many more.